Make your outside spaces more attractive

Make your community space greenerIf you’re planning to make some changes in your outside community areas, there are many things you can do to brighten up the space.

Start to think creatively about the things you like and don’t like in your area and find solutions for the issues that you want to resolve. Get your local community involved – click here for tips.

Ask yourselves these questions:

  • do you want some safety features?
  • would you like to encourage children’s play?
  • how about some art work?
  • would planters and trees make the space more attractive?

Design & Install Aesthetic Features

Public art work is not only attractive; it will make your community space unique.

Art isn’t the only option to add vibrant colours and exciting installations to the area.

Playground manufactured by Stuart Pease Fibre Glass UKYou could choose any of the following:

  • Street furniture
  • Playground & skatepark equipment
  • Public water features
  • Leisure installations
  • Building refurbishment & repair
  • Statues and statuary

Some of you may have artistic skills yourselves. If not you could work with an artist or specialist manufacturer who will interpret your ideas into a suitable piece for your street.

Click here for examples of popular public sector projects installed by fibreglass moulding manufacturers.

Introduce plants and trees

Trees can make a huge difference to your community space. They are attractive, help to reduce pollution, attract wildlife, act as shade on a sunny day and even provide edible fruit! And, because plants need regular care and attention they also provide a fantastic way for neighbours to get together and to stay involved. Read more about community spaces.

Encourage play

Think about creating a space where children can play. Play features can be traditional play equipment or less formal items, such as large boulders to clamber on, or hopscotch painted on the ground. For more ideas for kids click here.

Materials and soft landscaping

Once a layout has been decided, consider the detail and aesthetics because they will help to make a good scheme look great. Think about the types of materials you would like to use, their colour and texture, and how they would fit in with the surrounding materials.

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