Recycling Commitment: the solution for SMEs or a waste of time?

Our Councils are generally good at encouraging us to recycle much of our household waste. They either collect it from outside our houses or ask us to take it to the local municipal tip.

The position for businesses is totally different. Companies have to pay someone to dispose of or recycle their waste. Whilst large companies often have the volume to make it worthwhile for a waste company to make a special trip to collect it, many SMEs do not. Things have improved considerably over the last few years, with waste companies supplying dry mixed recycling bins, glass bins, and cardboard compactors.

Where can SMEs go to find cost-effective recycling solutions?

According to the Government, SMEs produce 30 million tonnes of waste a year and have achieved recycling rates of over 50 per cent. However, there have been widespread complaints from small businesses that they often cannot find cost-effective recycling facilities. Consequently, they are forced to throw out materials that could otherwise be recycled, breaking the latest legislation at the same time.

Times Have Changed

With the efficient, low-cost and reputable services from Any Waste Berkshire, your recycling prayers have been answered. Any Waste offers a rubbish collection service to businesses and homes across the county helping you to recycle your business waste where possible. We recommend getting in touch with them by calling 0800 138 9100 to book in your slot. View low-priced recycling.

What is the Business Waste and Recycling Services Commitment?

The commitment sets out in plain English 12 principles which should underlie a business recycling and waste service. The commitment offers local authorities a chance to demonstrate to their customers their commitment to:

  • Making recycling easy;
  • Providing value for money; and
  • Consulting on and clearly communicating their services.