Using video on your website is a must

When websites were a new experience, many elements such as call to actions, customer engagement and bounce rate evaluation were not deemed necessary.

Nowadays these features are a must if you want a successful and profitable website.

One of the most important of all has to be video. Corporate websites are awash with good quality, well produced and helpful videos, many of which cost a small fortune to shoot, edit and publish.

However this need not be the case as there are many corporate video companies able to create excellent company films on a small budget.

Remember most videos will end up on Youtube or Vimeo, not the BBC!

So why are videos so necessary in today’s world?

Good video content sets you a part from other businesses and allows your brand to become a stand out company to your target audience. It also allows you to convey a message in a fraction of the time text and imagery would.

Site visitors also now expect a video, as it is time consuming to read an entire page when a video would provide the same result.

Video marketing and corporate videos are not a new website element, the market leaders have been doing it for many, many years, but its only now that many small businesses are starting to catch up.

This is mainly due to reduced costs, for instance companies such as Hertfordshire based video company Energise offer videos from £500, well worth considering when almost 50% of web traffic is video.

If you haven’t already done so then invest in a good video now, there are some excellent video companies out there and prices are a fraction of what they used to be.

Making sure your website is mobile friendlyWebsites suitable for mobiles

Now that you’re up to date with what websites should have, there are other things that your website must DO.

Nowadays, people are browsing the web by using their mobiles. Gone are the days of using desktops and laptops, as mobiles and tablets are now the most used devices.

Your website must be responsive, otherwise mobile users are far less likely to use your website and much more likely to use a competitor that has already thought of this trick.

You can easily test your website on multiple devices, including iPhone 6, 7, 8 and any other similar sized phones.

Did you know that smartphone repair shops have seen an increase in customers since websites went mobile friendly?

We recommend users taking extra care when searching online as they are much more likely to drop their device, due to how frequently we are using them.

In conclusion video and a mobile responsive site is a huge plus for any website. Get involved!